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Hi! Welcome to my site. I'm involved in TV, Film and documentary projects. 

Currently I am a producer on The House, a black, LGBTQIA+ talk show on Fox Soul with Kujofilm and Legacy of Life Entertainment and a podcast of Rodriguez and Son. 

In development I have an anthology series based on the award-winning short film, Therapy for Orchid/Sony with Guion Partners and the film, Jack and the Empress also for Orchid/Sony with Guion Partners.

With Kujofilm where I'm partnered with Emmy award winning, Kurt T Jones we are in the final editing stages of My Name is Terry, a documentary on a woman who survived the Japanese Internment camp, Heart Mountain, during WWII and BScapades of Bohana and Santiago, an off the wall half hour comedy series.

I wear many, producer and writer.

If you are interested in a project...or about me... please press on the menu key and it will provide you with any information you would like.

Feel free to contact me and I will get back to you.

Enjoy, explore and have fun!!!

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