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I'm involved with many new, exciting projects that are in development.

Keep checking back to keep up!

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                    With South of the 10 Productions


A comedy about a superhero African American vampire who accidently gets addicted to crack and the family who comes to his rescue!


Auto Angels

A sitcom about female auto mechanics.

Empress of the Blues

                 A biopic on Bessie Smith.


With Guion Partners and the Bessie Smith Estate

Cha-Cha City

A caper-comedy about two Latin men who only want to win a salsa contest but accidentally find themselves with mob money...what to do?

Mighty Real

        With Pure Profit Productions

A bio-pic on Disco "Queen" Sylvester. The first gay African-American singer to stand up, be fabulous, and proud of it!

Those Were The Days

A TV show that shares stories from actual survivors of historical events so they can past down the truth to future generations.

Keep checking back for more.

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