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A children's adventure into the arts.

Enjoy Trash Ratsy and his friends as they venture into the world of theater.

Keep checking back and a new page will appear.

Share with your child and have fun while learning.

Trashy Ratsy and his friends will eventually lead everyone through the arts and other occupations...each day brings a new surprise.

Trashy Ratsy's Friends

Which character is your favorite?  E-mail me and let me know!

Sir Fredrick


Foxy Todd






Trashy Ratsy

Welcome to the book


Illustrations by Sidney Levy

Hi! Trashy Ratsy's my name,


Hiding in theaters my game.


I don't have a if you want to find me,


Go to any theater and call out my name...


Then look behind the biggest picture frame.

Come back for page 2

Did you find the biggest picture frame?

Please let Trashy Ratsy know what you think. What character do you want to see more of?


I'd love to hear from both children and adults.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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